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Yun Chao Full-time Job

3 months ago Training Sassari 106 views
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"And why don't you lay down your arms when you see me?" The emperor swept a glance, although weak, but the pressure of the past is still there, but so softly a drink, has more than half of the guards kneel down and kowtow to surrender! But this is the case, but there are still more than a dozen Prince Li's loyal iron around him tightly,arm tightly and dared not cry out. Although he saw that his son had already led a group of people to imprison Prince Li in the corner of the Ganyuan Hall, his daughter and daughter-in-law were in their hands. More than a dozen of them were not many, but with hostages in hand, no one dared to act rashly. It's just been deadlocked! The palm and the back of the hand are all flesh,smartboards in classrooms, one is like her own daughter-in-law, the other is her own flesh and blood, and she doesn't want anyone to die! Zhen Zhen is dead. Her life is worse than death. Yunchao is dead, afraid of his son. What's more, when the time comes, let her take what to face the Chu family? "Prince Li, I beg you to let them go, as long as you let them go,touch screen board classroom, I will intercede for you to the emperor, the queen mother, spare your life."? I beg you! "Princess Feng'an made a small request." Hehehe! Don't let anyone go, my son, even if we die, we have to pull a cushion, who hurt us so, we also want to let him suffer the consequences! Zheng Guifei was silent for a while and then suddenly said crazily. When she heard the voice of the emperor before, she broke down, but now she had just recovered, and as soon as she woke up, she saw the situation in front of her and heard the words of Princess Fengan. Alive? Can their mother and son still live? Even if living is more difficult than dying, then why live? It's just a death. [Chapter Two Hundred of the Main Text] Thanks: bookworms who love reading, Qin Su's pink ticket, thank you for your support! "Chaoer, don't sleep, be good, digital touch screen board ,smart board for conference room, you should wake up, you have been sleeping for a long time!" How can you have the heart to leave me alone? Be good, be obedient, and wake up quickly, OK? Zhen yuanxun stood by the bed, looking at the unconscious Yunchao on the bed, his eyes were full of despair, his bearded face was haggard, but he still held Yunchao's hand tightly. yuan Xun has never hated himself so much! He hated himself for not protecting his wife. They are newly married, he once thought they could be happy for a lifetime, but who knows, only a few days, Yunchao is lying here because of him, in case she has something? yuan Xun couldn't imagine. The whole room was filled with a sad atmosphere, and Mammy Qin and Mammy Pei shed a lot of tears behind their backs, but every time they wiped their faces after tears, they pretended to go in and wait on them as if nothing had happened. Can look at the day by day desperate yuan Xun, did not only feel the cloud, the heart is twisting pain. How's it going? Still Princess Feng An took the servant girl to the door and looked at person to send people, what did their family do wrong? To be punished like this? Is it true that good people can't live long? Princess Fengan turned her back and touched the tears on her face. She picked up the curtain and went into the room. As soon as she saw her son's haggard appearance, she couldn't help falling down again. This is only a few days of kung fu, the son will be emaciated to this point,electronic board for classroom, in case, if there is something in Yunchao, how can the son withstand the blow? They are the newlyweds!. hsdsmartboard.com

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Yun Chao