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Wolongsheng Ghost Siyan Full-time Job

3 months ago Training Dalmine 118 views
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Li Sanqi said, "That snack is very exquisite. It's definitely not something that a man with rough hands and feet can make. Tie Dapeng raised his right hand and clapped it on the chest of an old man in a long gown. It was Tao Qi, the boss of Jinling Siying. Iron ROC palm potential is so strong, this palm is like being hit solid, even if the people of iron and bronze casting, also want to be shaken by this palm. But Tao Qi was completely unconscious. When Tie Dapeng's palm approached his chest,radio shuttle racking, he suddenly stopped, sighed and said, "Why don't you fight back?" Tao Qi suddenly raised his right hand and grabbed Tie Dapeng's right palm point with five fingers. He said coldly, "Why don't you take a picture of this palm?" Tie Dapeng was in a daze. "You?" He asked. Tao Qi gave a sneer and said, "If you really clapped this palm, you will probably die. You still have a kind heart. You can choose a way to die." Tao Qi five fingers, like a steel hook, tightly clasped Tie Dapeng's right wrist point, making Tie Dapeng half of the body weak, completely without the power to fight back. Although Li Sanqi and Ren Tianhao wanted to rescue them,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, they were afraid that Tao Qi would hurt Tie Dapeng and dared not do so. The life and death of Tie Dapeng was in Tao Qi's hands. It was inconvenient for them to say more, so they had to wait and see what would happen. Ren Tianhao coughed heavily and said, "Second brother, let's fight." With a breath of True Qi, he reached out with his backhand and patted Tao Qi on the chest. Tao Qi's right wrist added force and brought Tie Dapeng over, bumping into Ren Tianhao's palm. Ren Tianhao body side, clap to Tao Qi's palm potential one deviation, easy palm for finger, point to Tao Qi's right help. He attacked seven strokes in a row, Tao Qi has been using the body of Tie Dapeng to seal off Ren Tianhao's offensive. Sangmu Taoist said in a low voice,automated warehouse systems, "Brother Sanqi, can we make a move?" Li Sanqi nodded and said, "We can't harm you for us." 。 kingmoreracking.com

Company Description
Wolongsheng Ghost Siyan