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Wild Story _ Wild Fox Under the Tree _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

3 months ago Training Savona 141 views
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Granny Snake opened her eyes, smiled, and said softly, "Silly boy, my mother is immortal. What can I do with this old man alone?"? It's just that Niang has lived for more than 160 years, and she has experienced enough of everything. When I was yoe elndensed by my son for more than a hundred years. It was originally given by the great God Nu Wa. Today, if I can return it to the God, it will be my son's good fortune!"! The meridians of God's physical body are all broken, and all kinds of poisons are entangled. This snake pill can make God's physical body reborn and reborn. Chen Xiao's face turned pale. "Mother!" He cried. Tuo Ba Ye suddenly shook, unexpectedly she was going to sacrifice herself to save her life! Surprised and embarrassed, she was about to admit that her "reincarnation of Fuxi" was just a fake for the occasion. She dared not accept the reward without merit and cut off her head. Suddenly, the voice of Yu Shi's concubine came from outside the cave: "Ono! Ono! His heart sank and he lost his voice and said, "Sister Yu Shi, be careful!" Before the words could be heard, there was a loud roar. Emperor Qing burst out laughing and shouted, "God is in harmony with the Tao. You can't go to Wuji!" Looking out, an enchanting and charming red-haired beauty was strangled by Lingwei Yang, held high in the air, and kept kicking with both feet. It was really Yu Shi's concubine! The crowd was shocked. The white dragon deer roared and rushed out like lightning. Yu Shiwei shouted, "Sister!" And jump out with it. Granny Snake bent over and kowtowed, saying, Granite Slab Supplier ,Agate Slabs For Sale, "God, if you don't make a decision, it will be too late.". Son offended! Suddenly, the meridians of Chenxiao and Tuoba were sealed like lightning, the cherry lips opened lightly, the strange fragrance assailed the nostrils, and a group of green mist rose faintly, gathered in the air, and gradually turned into a group ofs divine consciousness was Pure Brightness, as if he was awake or asleep. Thousands of colorful scenes flashed before his eyes, and countless ethereal voices were heard in his ears. He wanted to distinguish them carefully, but he returned to an empty and lonely place. In a trance, it seems that thousands of years have passed, and it seems that only a short moment has passed. Suddenly, the sky is empty at the foot, and the sky is spinning, as if it had fallen sharply from the height of ten thousand feet. In his heart, he suddenly opened his eyeswere some traces of molting on the skin of other parts. Snake Dan spirit power, unexpectedly one as for this! Surprised and surprised, he turned his head and saw a white-haired snake-tailed woman sitting within a short distance, with wrinkled face, closed eyes and smiling, like a blooming autumn chrysanthemum, serene and quiet. Chenxiao lay beside her,Calacatta Quartz Slab, tears streaming down her face, motionless, unable to cry. The snake coiled around his neck and trembled as if it were weeping with him. forustone.com

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Wild Story _ Wild Fox Under the Tree _ txt Novel Paradise