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Talk and laugh in Jianghu Full-time Job

5 months ago Security & Safety Dalmine 217 views
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This is a boy of sixteen or seventeen years old, not good-looking nor ugly, with an inch-long scar on his face, which makes him look a little rogue ruffian, but Si Nan is not disappointed for this, the ruffian on the boy's face comes from the child's rogue, not annoying, Si Nan just feels that Nie Xiaowu's appearance is different from what he imagined. After two grunts, he was not angry again and said to Si Nan, "Give me half an hour and I'll help you make the mask you want." Nie Xiaowu took out a shelf with various materials and was about to start work. Si Nan stopped him and asked, "Why did you tear off the mask just now?" Just to see him surprised,stainless steel edging strip, right? Nie Xiaowu laughed and said, "Stupid, that cold face is used to deal with outsiders, not to face friends." ※※※※※※※※ Put on the mask made by Nie Xiaowu himself, let Hai Dongqing fly away from his shoulder, and Si Nan happily goes to play the game with one thing that must be done: level training. Before going online, he thought and thought about Ah Li's advice, which was basically equivalent to nonsense,aluminum tile edge trim, but he didn't come up with any mystery. But even if Ah Li didn't say anything, he had to practice flying skills and swordsmanship, so it was right to keep practicing. Si Nan performed his flying skills all the way and arrived at the Lian Ji Valley he had chosen a few days ago, only to find that there were already two people here. Si Nan looked at a man and a woman in the valley in amazement. How could it be them? The system really loved to play with people. He didn't want to see anyone, so he let him see them. This man and woman is what Si Nan saw yesterday, with a heart and without a body. Heart-to-heart found that an outsider had broken into the valley. He took one look and said with a smile, "That friend, if you don't mind, let's form a team to practice together." Si Nan shook his head with a smile. "No, I'm used to being alone." After forming a team, his name will appear in the column of the team, and he will wear the mask in vain. The three men silently killed monsters and upgraded in the valley. Si Nan took a look at the martial arts of the two men while taking medicine and resting several times. He found that their cooperation was seamless and powerful. Si Nan thought to himself that he had not won the power of his two swords. As for what swordsmanship they used, Si Nan was not knowledgeable enough to recognize it. Yesterday, I only used Qinggong, but I didn't feel much. Today, stainless steel tile edge trim ,tile profile factory, after I really entered the actual combat, Si Nan realized how beneficial the growth of internal skills is. First of all, there is no need to mention the speed of flying skill and the effect of swordsmanship.   I know that if I fight against your swordsmanship, the chances of winning are very small, and I may even be killed, but you shouldn't use this method to excuse yourself. Si Nan had to simply explain that he had met the young man in red and recovered his internal strength. Of course, he did not say that his internal strength had been improved. After all, their friendship had not yet reached that point. Heart-to-heart silence for a while, said: "So, but why don't you come to explain immediately, and I make it clear." If it were you,aluminium tile trim profiles, I would believe it, Fang Nan. This time, he called out the name of Si Nan in reality. ※※※※※※※※※※※※。 jecatrims.com

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Talk and laugh in Jianghu