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Schisandra Essential Oil Full-time Job

4 months ago Banking Barletta 157 views
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Schisandra Essential Oil Product name: Schisandra Essential Oil Latin name: Schisandra chinensis Part Used: Fruit Schisandra chinensis is divided into schisandra chinensis and schisandra chinensis. The quality of schisandra chinensis is better than that of schisandra chinensis. Schisandra chinensis is irregular spherical or oblate, 5~8mm in diameter. The surface is red, purplish red or dark red, shriveled and oily, the flesh is soft, some surfaces are black red or appear "hoar". Seeds 1~2, kidney-shaped, surface brownish yellow, lustrous, seed coat thin and crisp. Pulp air, taste acid; After seed is broken, have aroma, flavour is pungent, little bitter. The main producing areas of schisandra chinensis are northeast China, The five southern flavors have smaller grains.The surface is brownish red to dark brown, shriveled and shriveled, with flesh often clinging to the seed. Application: Medical Skin Care, Officinal and Aromatherapy Antitussive Funcations: Improving Immunity Sleep Improvement Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidantSchisandra Essential Oil website:http://www.hnnuoz.com/schisandra-series/schisandra-essential-oil/

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Schisandra Essential Oil