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Royal beast cultivates immortals Full-time Job

1 year ago Training Savona 340 views
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The sound of a series of collisions in the pit, mixed with the roar of the leopard, shook the ground, and Qin Jian and two beautiful women stood above the pit, watching Laxili closely. The purple and black cheetah seemed to be in great pain, andn, Laxili's cry has not stopped, but there is a more and more serious trend, although Qin Jian heartache, but there is no way! At this time, it is Laxiri's own business, and any help may be counterproductive. Elizabeth went out hunting with the nether wolves. The two beauties collected some withered grass and firewood, lit a bonfire with the help of Qin Jian's lighter,65 inch touch screen, roasted the prey from the Wolf King, and made do with a meal. The night is wonderful. It's so wonderful that Qin Jian is not sleepy at all. In the small igloo, three people crowded into the already narrow space. Evelyn stared at Qin Jian with a pair of cold eyes. She suspected that the young master had deliberately made the igloo so short. Qin Jian absolutely does not have any bad ideas, these two beauties, although one child face, unusually seductive, but not adult, and the other has a mother and sister relationship with Monica,65 inch smart board, the relationship is complex. Qin Jian was just trying to save trouble and didn't make the igloo very big. But now.. Master Qin is really embarrassed and happy. The little girl Nirui had nothing to do. She was used to being careless. She got into the snow house and squeezed into Qin Jian's arms to sleep soundly. She didn't mind whether Qin Jian would molest her at all. But on the other side of Qin Jian, Evelyn seemed to have sores on her buttocks, and her whole body was uneasy. Cold beauty but do not know, the friction brought by twisting more let Qin Jian mind. Laxili's roar continued until after midnight, Qin Jian hurriedly ran out of the snow house to check, the cheetah was lying safely in the pit, belly together, as if tossing and turning to sleep. Qin big young master this just exhaled a breath, he knew, Laxili advanced successfully, accompanied by the river in the body and grew a point. Early in the morning, Nirui woke up from a deep sleep, her small mouth was biting a little in front of Qin Jian's chest, and her saliva flowed all over Qin's chest. When she saw a pair of green eyes staring at her with a smile, the little girl suddenly became shy: "Shh!" Qin Jian was so tired that he didn't go to sleep until Laxili fell asleep yesterday. At the moment, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive digital whiteboard, she was holding a beautiful woman in her arms. The erection in the morning made her pants hold up a big tent. She didn't know what dream she was having. She laughed happily. Why don't you get up? Nirui asked Evelyn, who was lying on the other side, softly, making the latter blush. The cold beauty hurriedly and gently broke away from Qin Jian's embrace and ran out of the snow house as if she had escaped. [Text Chapter 67 Preparing for Departure] The sun was shining brightly in the sky, and the snow, which had accumulated more than ten inches thick, was slowly melting, and people were stepping on it with a crunching sound. The three-month long snow season has finally passed, and the dark elves have come out of the tree house to enjoy the warmth of the new day's sunshine. Unknown birds chirped in the trees, adding to ts, he did not forget his own practice. Every quiet time, Qin Jian always sits cross-legged on his wooden bed, feeling the free elements around him, and then drives the river to rotate with the round beads in his body. At the beginning, the effect is not obvious, but slowly, Qin Jian has been able to feel the active jumping elements outside the body, the more later, the easier to feel, now Qin Jian has been able to absorb the surrounding elements for their own use. The river in the body has become one third thicker than before in three months of expansion,75 inch smart board, and even the round beads are faintly with an inexplicable color. Qin Jian's two unique skills: the magic rebound shield for the familiar, plus the skill that can make the familiar invisible, are now used very skillfully. hsdsmartboard.com

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Royal beast cultivates immortals