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Radio Control Models Plug factory Contract Job

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Radio Control Models Plug factory Product Description This series of EC3 plugs are widely used in the RC industry for high power supply of Lipo battery packs. Remote control model hobbyists can use them to make their own power cords for high current resistive lines. It takes a standard 2.0, 3.5 or 5.0mm banana tip bullet connector, wrapped in a plastic protective cover, and can be divided into positive and negative. You just solder banana jack connectors to the ends of the wires and snap them into the plastic shield. Features EC3 plugs are produced with A-grade brass international standard copper material, which conforms to international production standards. Its shrapnel is made of high-titanium beryllium copper, which has sufficient elasticity and durability without deformation. The plug is plated with 24K real gold, with a thickness of 1渭m, and the coating will not fall off for thousands of times of plugging and unplugging. It has good electrical conductivity and is continuously stable. The connectors of the EC series are divided into male and female shells, connecting devices (from left to right, EC2, EC3, EC5) Female end male connector, connect the battery (from left to right, EC2, EC3, EC5) 銆怱pecifications銆?/strong> CategoryEC2EC3EC5 Size20*13*6mm25mm x 17mm x 8mm34mm x 20mm x 10mm Weight6 Gram10 Gram14 Gram Rated Current25A Approx 20-16AWG Silicone Wire40A Approx 16-12AWG Silicone Wire80A Approx 12-8AWG Silicone Wire Pin Type2PIN Banana Bullets 2.0MM2PIN Banana Bullets 3.5MM2PIN Banana Bullets 5.0MM Support Cells of Lipo2S 3S Cells Lipo3S 4S 5S Cells Lipo 6S, 7S & 8S Cells Lipo Compatible with 2x 3S & 4S Cells Lipo Same Current Rated Terminal TypeEC2,IC2 & XT30EC5, IC3 & XT60EC3, IC5 & XT90 銆怚nstructions for use銆?/strong> Video Link锛歨ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYpJI1zJXOo Tool: 1. Electric soldering iron, there are 40/60/80/100/120/150W electric soldering irons on the market, we recommend 60-100W for EC2, and 100-150W electric soldering iron for EC3 and EC5. 2. Solder Silk Thickness 1.0mm 3. Pliers 4. Wire stripper 5.1.5 mm hex screwdriver 6.Flat-blade screwdriver and 7.EC2/EC3/EC5 connector Step: Step 1: Stripping Strip one end of the battery about 2 mm, there are two wires in total, it is important to strip only one wire at a time to prevent accidental short circuit. Step 2: Tinning the stripped part Use your solder wire and electric soldering iron to tin the exposed end of the wire. Make sure you tin the wire completely to avoid possible false soldering and false soldering. Step 3. Tin the EC terminals The terminals of the banana heads should also be tinned to make sure that there is enough tin inside. Step 4: Solder the wire to the terminal Use a soldering iron to solder the two connectors (wire and terminal) together. A clean and suitable soldering iron will help provide a cleaner solder joint, and when you solder the wire to the EC 3 connector, make sure that the terminal connector It's still hot. Step 5. Insert the plastic shell of EC into the terminal To insert it into the plastic case, use a 1.5 mm hex screwdriver or flat-blade screwdriver to help complete the process. When the connector is properly locked in the housing, you will feel a snap. Before you insert the connector into the shell, please confirm your polarity Finally, repeat these steps on the other battery line to complete your assembly process. Note: EC connectors can be installed quickly and easily, but it takes time. It is more important to get the job done correctly than to get it done quickly. Product Package and Shipment: Note: Package: normally 100pcs-500pcs in a polybag, depending on the product size, then put into carton box. Shipment normally by air or express. 銆怌ompany/factory introduction銆?/p> Goowell Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, Our company is a manufacturer specializing in internal and external connecting cables and connectors. An MFi certified apple lightning cables manufacturer and ISO-9001 quality controlled factory in China. FAQ锛?/strong> 1锛欰锛?Can EC terminals be used together with IC terminals instead? B锛?For those who use the popular EC3 and EC5 connectors, there is no need to worry. The IC connector series is fully backward compatible with existing EC3 connectors and EC5 connectors. 2:A: Some batteries use EC connectors, but another device uses XT90 connectors. Can the two be connected together? B: An XT90 to EC5 connector adapter can be used. This adapter has a female or male XT90 connector on one end and a male or female EC5 connector on the other end. The total length of the adapter is approximately 9 cm. This adapter allows a lithium polymer battery pack equipped with EC5 to be used on a model equipped with the XT90 ESC connector. 3:A: Can I customize my order? B: Yes, OEM/ODM service is available. Customized length/wire gauge/connector types. For details, please kindly contact the salespersons. 4. A: Can I ask for samples before placing an order? Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptableRadio Control Models Plug factory website:http://www.shusbs.com/radio-control-models-connecting-wire/radio-control-models-plug/

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