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Pouring the sky to entertain the queen Full-time Job

5 months ago Security & Safety San Severo 145 views
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I said.. If you really do not want to play "a promise of a thousand years" this play, you do not force, you can do what you like to do, I will be too lazy to care about you, as for the actor to replace you, you do not have to worry about, I am sure to pick an honest mouth tight, Feifei's  what it looks like to be filming?! Even if you don't want to spend too much time on it, can you not destroy it?! You also know to want a face, then you made such a scene last night, excuse me who has a face?! But Hua Yunliang said, "I don't care!" It's another intoxicating sentence. I heard that Beiling was even more angry. He shouted in a low voice, "Who cares if you don't?!"! How old are you? You do everything all day long, and then you leave. The rest is for me to clean up your mess. Do you really think you live in the feudal era and are a local emperor?!  such a furtive thing, directly drive Li Xian out of S city, and then go to get bald to Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu see how capable you can be! "You.." Bei Lingfeng felt that if he talked to Hua Yunliang, he could not follow the normal logic. Like Ye Feifei, he was the least aggressive. This move went down, and Hua Yunliang was really anxious. I saw Hua Yunliang, who had just put on an old man's smelly shelf, Cold Drawn Tubes ,beam impact tubes, and now he finally began to speak: "I tell you, Li Xian came to S city, that is to find you to cooperate, he invested in filming, not to see the name of my flow king, as long as you bite to death in front of Li Xian and Gu Tianze, last night, you do not know a word, it has nothing to do with you, what can Li Xian do?!"! Now it's people begging you. As the saying goes, it's the grandson who begs, and the uncle who is begged. Do you want to be like a grandson now?! "You.." This time I finally changed the atmosphere of Beiling to jump feet! However, Hua Yunliang still has a light face, and he doesn't care to say: Now aren't you worried that Li Xian will withdraw his capital and run away?! I tell you a move, you put all the things, all on the woman, oh, yes, the woman called cloud, the name you must not make a mistake, anyway, as long as this matter, you do not recognize, I do not recognize, that is what Li Xian himself provoked, as long as Gu Tianze does not run away, Li Xianlai also depends on you here, he is now your follower, where are you going? He will follow you wherever you go. If you don't drive him away, he won't want to go back dejectedly. After listening to Hua Yunliang's words, Bei Lingfeng's lungs were about to explode. As he pointed his finger at Hua Yunliang, he said angrily: "Surnamed Hua, your uncle." Do you think I'm as shameless as you?! Put all the things on Yun Duoduo, right? Then I ask you, whose person is Yun Duoduo? Who asked her to come to the sunshine crew to shoot? Who is in  could I have a shameless brother like you?! Chapter 123 the second bullet of brotherly trust crisis (14). However, speaking of this, Hua Yunliang suddenly became angry. He took two steps toward Bei Lingfeng's side, stared at Bei Lingfeng, and asked with a straight face: "North Lingfeng,Precision steel tubes, you touch your conscience to say, is the elder brother to do?!"! Is the first person to do it a brother?! Who's the bitch who wants to cooperate with Lee Hyun?! I say You don't think you and your brother can kill that bald head, do you? 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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If he could read Weibo at this time, he would find that the official Weibo of Changsheng Entertainment updated a message a few minutes ago, denouncing plagiarism through the hot search alone, and said that he would strongly support these composers to defend their rights, provide them with direct funds and legal aid, and win the favor of a large number of netizens. He reached out with a trembling hand