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Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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The sound of the blowpipe suddenly stopped, and of course it was destroyed by the enemy, or even in danger. Zhang Danfeng was stunned: Shangguan Amano is far away in the mountains at the junction of Mongolia and Tibet. Apart from him, in todayI saw the two riders galloping in front of me. It turned out that Zhang and Yun were so fast that they caught up with Wu Mengfu and Lin Xianyun, who had already left. Wu Mengfu looked back and said with a smile, "Zhang Danfeng, do you still want to kill him?" "I dare not," said Zhang Danfeng. "Is there an outsider living here?" Wu Mengfu said with a smile, "How can you see a superior man outside the world?" Zhang Danfeng said, "No matter whether he sees it or not, he asks for guidance from his predecessors." "You're very polite,White Marble Slabs," said Wu Mengfu. "Third Sister, please ask." Golden Hook Fairy Lin Xianyun sounded a long roar, after a while, only to hear another kind of roar falling from the sky, into the ear to shake the heart, as if someone was roaring in the ear, the depth of skill, it is incredible. Lin Hsien-yun shook her head and said, "I haven't seen anyone today,Carrara Marble Slab, master." But the distance has been close, unlike just now, Zhang Danfeng has recognized that it is sent from a nearby hilltop, the hand way: "Thank you for your guidance!" Gallop on horseback with Yunlei. "You can't allow it," said Lin Hsien-yun. "Do you want to break in and die? Aren't you a pity to die when you are young? Zhang and Yun, who were not willing to listen to her nagging, rode to the foot of the mountain in a moment, leaving Wu Mengfu and Lin Xianyun far behind. The two men released the horse, performed the art of lifting the vertical, and hurried up the mountain. When they were halfway up the mountain, the mountain wind blew and they smelled a strange fragrance on the first floor, which was refreshing. Yunlei said: "This is my master's daily self-made 'Baihuaxiang' '!". " Zhang Danfeng listened, in the heart a wide, flying dragon female is really here. The two men quickened their pace and reached the peak in a moment. Exactly: I was surprised to hear a strange sound outside the sky, and I met a strange man again in the mountains. Want to know what happened? See the breakdown in the next installment. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 24 the master in the purple bamboo forest tries the double sword, the knight-errant in the grand master's mansion is drunk in the boudoir. Txt novel paradise There is a nunnery on the hill, pietra gray marble ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, beside which there is a purple bamboo grove, surrounded by a red wall, with thousands of bamboo clumps higher than the top of the wall, and the scenery is very elegant. The closer it is, the stronger the fragrance is. "Why don't you hear the sound of weapons knocking?" Asked Zhang Danfeng. Tas haired old woman. Surprised and delighted, Yunlei cried, "Hello, master!"! It's the disciple! Tmartial uncle's swordsmanship was as famous as his master's. At this time, he looked carefully and saw that she was holding an ordinary green steel sword. Her moves were the same as Yunlei's swordsmanship, but she was light and swift, but she did not know how much higher! The sword is so swift, but it doesn't hear any wind. It's really like flowing water and clouds. It's wonderful. "It really lives up to its reputation," said Zhang Danfeng. It's a pity that my master hasn't arrived yet. Otherwise,Slate Wall Panel, the two of them will be able to defeat the old woman! It turned out that the Flying Dragon Lady was already very powerful, but the old woman was much more clever. What she made was only a piece of bamboo cut into the shape of a sword. Although she was wrapped in the light of the Flying Dragon Lady's sword, Zhang Danfeng could see that the Flying Dragon lady was caught by her everywhere. forustone.com

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Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise