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Nu Jian Kuang Hua Full-time Job

1 month ago Security & Safety Sassari 28 views
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"Just because you're Huangfu Qingtian you're doing this" The clock suddenly asked Yes The voice of Huangfu Qingtian seemed to have the meaning of paOld Rain Tower · Gu Long's "Angry Sword and Crazy Flowers" Part 1-Chapter 1 On the Eve of the Grand Ceremony > > The First Part of Angry Sword and Crazy Flower by Gu Long Chapter I On the Eve of the Grand Ceremony One The fourteenth day of the first lunar month Jinan Zai Si closed the door He shut out the wind and snow that had not changed for thousands of years in the ancient city of Jinan and took off his dark blue velvet The blue sable cloak made of flour was hanging on a hanger made of sandalwood branches on his left and when he turned around his right hand had picked it up A glass of pale blue crystal Purple Persian wine in a crystal glass The crystal glass was picked up from the sandalwood table which was next to the brazier which was next to the sandalwood Apparel chair Zai Si sat down comfortably and took a sip of wine He likes famous horses beautiful women beautiful clothes and good wine and likes to enjoy them He likes blue He was very fastidious about everything and everything he did was carefully planned and he would never waste a penny more Strength there will be no negligence even these details of life are no exception This is Zai Si He was able to live to the present to be able to become the master of the king of Nanjun at such a young age of twenty-six perhaps because Because he is such a person The delicate beautiful and warm room and the sweet wine had completely dispelled the cold in his body But he suddenly felt very tired In order to prepare for tomorrow's grand ceremony he has completely confused the rules of his life in the past half month He must not let this thing happen tomorrow any mistake any small mistake may cause forever A mistake far beyond repair At that time not only will he regret for the rest of his life but his master will also be involved China Factory Even the overall situation in Jianghu will change More importantly he must not let Huangfu's career and reputation suffer a little blow and damage The two most unbearable things in Zai Si's life are "mistakes" and "faonce every five years is likely to be the second missing king of Nanjun A daughter of ten years Twuan Villa" has never been found everyone knows in their hearts that this person must be Zhong Destroy the most trusted person and also the person who later rescued Zhong from the prison At the thought of Zhong's destruction everyone in Jianghu Textiles & Leather Products absolutely believed that he was a man with a strong desire for revenge and he was a man with a strong desire for revenge A man to be trifled with After Zhong escaped from prison everyone was convinced that he would take revenge soon and even Huangfu Qingtian had done the best Bad intentions However the fact is unexpected the destruction of the clock not only did not retaliate even people seem to suddenly disappear just like the river The lake has never seen anything like this man It was getting dark and although there was no light in the house the lights outside were getting brighter and brighter The cold wind blew in through the window and brought the voices and laughter of the people in the courtyard ahead Zai Si poured another glass of wine took a sin he entered the study there was no such paper on the table Then this piece of paper must have been put on the table during his conversation with the King of South County It was incredible that the two of them could put the paper on the table without noticing Does this man know the myth of invisibility "Old friends are old friends after all" Huangfu Qingtian looked at the pale green paper and said with a smile "It's been so long unexpectedly!" Remember me 。 trade-global.com

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Nu Jian Kuang Hua