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Li Liang-Gongsun Xiaodao Full-time Job

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With a wry smile, he said, "It seems that Liu Xizhu had the intention of forcing me into this secret passage. If I want to get out of trouble, I have to work hard.." Such a secret passage, which is several miles long, lacks air. Even so, if you can't get out of trouble, you will still be trapped to death. He seemed to be very experienced in being trapped in the tunnel, and he did not panic at all and calmly tried to find a way. First of all, he searched his past memories to guess how far he had been blown up? Can you dig hard? He couldn't figure it out, so he could only guess, and then he leaned over the wall and listened slowly to any sound. It's over! With a wry smile, he said, "If you can't hear the wind and grass, how can you dig?" He gave up his attempt to dig, heard nothing, at least more than half a mile, and it would take half a month to dig. Even then Dig through, and starve to death. He began to grope in the black hole,inflatable floating water park, walking step by step, and his hands kept touching everywhere. For the uncertain future, he still did not think about what would happen. He touched sand, rocks.. You can tell which one is easier to dig and which one is closer to the ground. He also tasted the seeping groundwater. From the smell of the water, he could tell whether it was real groundwater or a stream seeping into the water. He was thinking that the mountains were high and low, and he was also looking for a lower place. How to guess the height of the mountains on the ground from the darkness? It depends on experience. Touching nearly a pair, he suddenly stopped and touched the stone wall with his left hand. It still felt like a cold and hard rock,Inflatable 5k obstacle, but The rock seems to be wrapped with spider's silk. He stretched out his food, broke the "spider silk" with his thumb, chewed it in his mouth, and suddenly laughed. Yes, this is it! Where is this place? This is the root of the whiskers, but also the way out. He began to dig, to the side, if other people must feel that digging to the side, why is it different from opening another tunnel? Should go It's right to dig on the top. Knife is digging to the side, because experience tells him that digging up, it is likely to be only the front and back of the tunnel, the distance. The ground is near, and the middle is the top of the mountain. It's easy to go to the side. No one will rigidly dig straight to the center of the mountainside, it must be to find a good dig, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable bounce house with slide, so the tunnel is usually like a dragline. Snakes, there will always be closer to the side of the mountain. That's where he's looking. He was digging and had dug out the roots of the tree. Judging from this, the tree was not a small one. Tree roots have appeared in large round tables for at least a thousand yn Liu Xifeng's face: "If you want, you can follow me." "With you?" Small knife son astonished: "That your son's enmity..." "Once and for all,Inflatable water park factory, I don't want to think too much." Xiao Dao felt amused and felt that Liu Xifeng was ruthless enough. I don't know what you like? "You're very good at martial arts," said Liu Xifeng. Xiao Dao remembered that Su Qiao had also used his martial arts to seek revenge, and he was really disgusted with being the executioner of others. Find someone else! I don't want to kill for you. "I didn't ask you to kill anyone." The knife smiled coldly. "I can't think of any good I can do for you except killing people." "Making friends is not necessarily good." "But I still don't want to break up your feelings with your son." "Xizhu dare not disobey my orders." 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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Li Liang-Gongsun Xiaodao