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Legend of Master _ Fang Xiang _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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When the others saw the group of ferocious men leave, the atmosphere in the restaurant suddenly became active again, and a large group of people immediately gathered around the beauty mentioned by the martyr and came up to court one after another. The beauty kept  painful for Ye. Together with Mu, it is much simpler, but also more let Ye Chong get used to, in fact, Ye Chong also understands his weakness, interpersonal communication is his weakness,needle valve manufacturer, and this is very helpful to him. However, he also knows that, at least for a considerable period of time, he estimates that there will be no qualitative change in this respect. It seems that martyrdom has brought you considerable trouble! Pastoral way. Yes. But he is like that, as long as he does not meet the so-called beauty, he is still relatively quiet! Ye Chong said truthfully. Well, he's always been good at it! Mu summed up the characteristics of martyrdom very concisely. Well, that's true! It will take us another ten days to reach Richie Star. Then find a way to transfer to other ships into the blazing wind star,brass tube fitting, as if there is a ship to the blazing wind star! Although he knew that Mu should know the current situation, Ye Chong briefly introduced it to him. Hey, it's more efficient to hijack the ship, change course, and fly directly to Blazing Wind, which, according to the data, only takes 12 days to get there! And according to my calculation, the success rate of hijacking is more than 95%! The herdsman came up with a suggestion. Mu and Shang are really two completely different styles! Hijacking? This is a way, but after thinking about it, Ye Chong decided to give up the idea, at this time to attract attention to their own too bad. Now he just wants to quietly go to the blazing wind star, find the teacher Wang Weixing, cure his strange disease, and then find a place where no one knows him to live safely, if he can restore the simple life of the garbage star at that time, hydraulic fitting supplier ,tube fitting manufacturer, that would be the best! This strange disease really makes Ye Chong have some doubts. I do not know whether it is the role of the ghost, or the cause of this strange disease itself, the time interval between the onset of leaf weight is getting longer and longer, and there has been a considerable time that leaf weight has not occurred. And I don't know whether Ye Chong has adapted to this inhuman pain, or whether the pain is really light in alkali, when the disease occurs, Ye Chong has been able to resist soberly. Ye Chong even doubted whether the strange disease would recover automatically after a period of time. Ye Chong opened his eyes and woke up from the dead! I don't know if it's because he hasn't been in the dark for a long time, but this time the effect of the dark breath is very remarkable. He can clearly feel the spiritual consciousness of the dark breath. According to the information he got from the old man Yin, this should be the completion of the preliminary training for the dark breath. This made Ye Chong very surprised and inexplicable, thinking that he had entered the country like a snail a while ago, and did not know what year and month it would take to complete the preliminary training. Later to the nine Kaesong, everywhere is the  beauty he met last time was not here this time, which made Ye Chong quite relieved. The dining room is neatly arranged with many food supply machines for serving food. The main body of the food supply instrument is a long metal cabinet lying on the ground, with a food outlet at one end and a light brain above the outlet. Ye Chong went to a food supply machine and randomly ordered a few portions of food on the light brain, most of which he had not eaten, so he simply ordered them at random. Soon, with a light sound, a tray of all kinds of food was sent out from the exit to Ye Chong, who grabbed it, found a place at random, and chewed it according to the case. He was the only one in the whole restaurant, and Ye Chong did not need to worry about any image problems and buried himself in eating. When Ye Chong was eating happily, he suddenly heard several people talking in a deep voice. Ye Chong raised his head, a group of people just entered the restaurant, talking unscrupulously, as if no one was watching. Ye Chong can not help frowning slightly, this is not yesterday's group of people? It happened that those people looked this way, and Ye Chong's eyes were facing each other. The group of people's eyes brightened, and they got up one after another from the position where they had just sat down. A group of people came toward Ye Chong with a smirk, faintly surrounded. Ye Chong just glanced at those people, and immediately as if he had not seen anything, he still buried himself in hardship. Smelly boy, hey,ball valve manufacturer, you are here alone today, see how you can escape! The leading big fellow grinned grimly and approached this side step by step, clenching his fists. All the people around were laughing. chinaroke.com

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Maybe the phrase'wait for me to come back 'is just a thought left to Mu Qianyue, a reason for her to live. Master! You can't let Nalanjing die in vain! Mu Rutian's eyes were slightly red, and although sometimes he was jealous of Nalanjing, he had already regarded him as a good friend in his heart. To avenge him? But Yan Qingya is dead, who did she go to for revenge? Mu Qianyue's expression was dull, her eyes were empty, she reached out and stroked her flat lower abdomen, and finally slowly squatted down and buried her head in her knees. Now she knew that without him, her life would have no meaning, no color, no vitality. He's everything to her! How is she going to live? The wind is howling and cold