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Is betting on football a crime? Are there any penalties? Is it prosecuted? Full-time Job

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Each football season witnesses numerous individuals facing financial ruin, with some tragically choosing to end their lives by jumping off bridges, overwhelmed by debts incurred from their addiction to football betting. This raises critical questions: What are the penalties associated with the act of football betting? Can engaging in such activities lead to imprisonment? Beyond the considerable economic repercussions, what legal consequences does one face when caught football betting? This article at best prediction app for betting aims to delve deeply into these issues. We will explore and analyze the various penalties and legal ramifications that come with football betting, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and legal outcomes. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of gambling laws related to football betting.


What crime is football betting?

Under Article 1 of Resolution 01/2010/NQ-HĐTP, "illegal gambling" is specifically defined as any form of gambling where individuals participate with the intention of winning tips or losing money or other items without the proper authorization from the relevant state authorities. Moreover, even if initially authorized, the activity must adhere strictly to the stipulations outlined in the license issued; any deviation from these rules also constitutes illegal gambling.

In parallel, football betting often occurs with the aim of either winning or losing money or goods, yet it frequently lacks the necessary approval from state bodies. This places football betting squarely within the realm of illegal gambling under current legislation.

Given this classification, it's important to recognize that football betting is indeed considered a form of illegal gambling. Consequently, individuals found participating in such activities are liable to face administrative sanctions as outlined in Decree 167/2013/NĐ-CP. Specifically, Clause 2 of Article 26 of this decree elaborates on the penalties involved, which serve as a legal deterrent against unauthorized gambling activities. Engaging in football betting without proper permissions can lead to significant consequences under these regulations, emphasizing the legal risks associated with such actions.

Are there any penalties for football betting?

Monetary fines ranging from 1 million to 2 million VND will be imposed for one of the following gambling activities:

A) Illegal gambling using methods such as xoc dia, ta la, to tom, tu lo kho, tam cuc, 3 cay, tu sac, red and black, chess, or other forms in which winnings and losses involve money or goods;

B) Gambling using slot machines, illegal electronic games;

C) Betting with money or other forms in sports competitions, recreational activities, and other activities;

D) Selling betting slips, transferring betting slips, and other publications for playing lottery games.

Therefore, if someone engages in football betting, the offender will be fined from 1 million to 2 million VND. Additionally, the violator will also face confiscation of evidence, tools, and money obtained from the football betting.


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How much money in football betting leads to criminal prosecution?

To curb the act of football betting, criminal law has imposed strict penalties for this conduct. Accordingly, football betting can lead to criminal liability for gambling offenses. Specifically, Article 321 of the 2015 Penal Code, as amended in 2017, stipulates:

A fine of 20 to 100 million VND, reformatory without detention up to 3 years, or imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years for illegal gambling in any form involving money or goods valued:

From 5 million VND to under 50 million VND

Under 5 million VND but:

  • Already administratively penalized for this act or the act of organizing gambling/abetting gambling.

  • Already convicted for this crime or the crime of organizing gambling/abetting gambling, and not yet having the criminal record cleared while still violating the law.

Imprisonment from 3 to 7 years if the offense falls into one of the following circumstances:

  • Professional nature.

  • Money or goods used in gambling valued over 50 million VND.

  • Using the internet, computer networks, telecommunications networks, electronic devices to commit the crime.

  • Dangerous recidivism.

Additionally, offenders may also be subject to an additional penalty of a fine ranging from 10 to 50 million VND.

Thus, if one engages in football betting with amounts from 5 million to under 50 million VND, or under 5 million VND but has already been administratively punished or convicted for related gambling activities, they may be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison.

In cases of organized betting or betting amounts from 50 million VND and above, or online betting through online betting sites, the offender may face up to 7 years in prison.


The above article comprehensively covers all the necessary details regarding the penalties associated with the act of gambling on football. We aim to provide our readers with the most precise and helpful information, hoping to enhance your understanding of the legal consequences tied to football betting. For those keen on staying informed and improving their betting strategies, don't miss out on following soccer hot today Sports. Here, you will find continuous updates featuring the latest tips and expert insights that could greatly benefit your betting experience. Stay tuned and leverage the knowledge from some of the leading experts in the field!

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Each football season witnesses numerous individuals facing financial ruin, with some tragically choosing to end their lives by jumping off bridges, overwhelmed by debts incurred from their addiction to football betting.