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"At noon?"? At noon, I talked with Manager Fu about the final plan, and it will be finalized in the afternoon. I state the facts. As a general manager, he should know that this week is the deadline for the final decision. Then at night. What do you want to eat? Chinese food or western food? His Royal Highness is not the same, always a su you people? "Come on, let's go in." Seeing me slow down, he turned to greet me. Is he determined to hold this Hongmen banquet? All right, I'll take it! Instead of choosing an elegant private rress, who obviously knew Jun Ershao, beamed and ordered for us, and then enthusiastically sold me red wine. I waved my hand: "No, you ask Mr. Yang what he drinks, give me a glass of orange juice." One reason for not drinking outside is that my stomach is too delicate, and the "gastroenteritis" I have had since childhood does not allow me to be presumptuous. The second is to see the story of drinking too much and losing one's temper because of alcohol. If you know you can't drink well, you won't do it knowingly. If you are really drunk, won't you look ugly? The only time I was drunk in my life was in front of Ye Chen, because it was him, so rest assured. Lin Fei, Inflatable water park on lake , do you like orange juice very much? I noticed on the last PATRY in Starry Hood that you didn't stop drinking. Sent away the waitress, Jun Ershao said in a tone that knew me very well. No, it's my habit to drink different things on different occasions. It's safe to drink juice. There was something in my words to remind him not to be self-righteous. He was not angry, and he was well brought up. Lin Fei, you refuse people thousands of miles away again. You're not just doing this to me, are you? I've been thinking this month, are you cold-blooded or fickle? Or is it the same with your boyfriend? If you love someone, you won't be like that. I should have a chance, shouldn't I? I smiled when I heard the first half of his words. I am neither cold-blooded nor fickle, just because I have been in pain, and after the pain, I will not want to be in pain again, so I have to make a detour and learn to be calm. I'm not happy to hear the second half of his words. Yes, I also have a thorn in my body for Ye Chen, but it donfair.". It gives some people so much that they can play with the fate of others at will, such as.. Glancing at him meaningfully, I went on to say, "Others have to guess their existence from the former's expression and even their eyes, such as Lin Qian.". Fortunately, I am neither. I just work hard for the former to make money, and I feel sorry for the latter. I am really lucky. …… Yang Ruijun's eyes widened and he looked at me in surprise. Yes, I am so sharp, how can I live by looking at people's eyebrows and eyes? No matter how well cultivated he is, he is not without temper. He held the cup on the table,Inflatable mechanical bull, and I understood that he was a little embarrassed by my ridicule. But the man's demeanor is so pressing that Juner doesn't dare to make a mistake, and I'm sure of it. Ignoring his bright eyes, I picked out a piece of chicken and chewed it. joyshineinflatables.com

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