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China Panels And Furniture Finishing Application factory Full-time Job

1 year ago Public Service Salerno 302 views
Job Details

China Panels And Furniture Finishing Application factory Overview Composite Roller mainly refers to the product that the outer layer of the roll body, the core and the roll neck are compositely cast with two or more materials. Our product can not only meet the rolling mill's requirements for roll body wear resistance and thermal fatigue resistance, but also ensure the strength and toughness of the core and roll neck. It is widely used in various rolling mills, such as finishing work rolls of hot-rolled strip mills, backup rolls of strip mills, intermediate and finishing work rolls of profiled steel pipe mills, and so on. Composite Roller used in sheet composite applications, compound machine and laminating machine for Painting adhesive or laminating. The base material can be paper, metal, wooden plate, film, or electronic board. Characteristics 1. Rubber material: Normally rubber material is EPDM and silicon. 2. Applications: Wood and metal Plate composite, packaging material, Food grade packaging materials, Home appliance metal composite decoration material, exterior wall decorative board, electronic packaging materials. 3. Size and Diameter: Customize. 4. Thickness of plastic bags: Customize. Our Advantages Through continuous focus and innovation in the product field, our company continuously improves organizational capabilities, thereby creating greater value for customers. We build a good platform for the growth and development of our employees, and pay attention to and protect the legal rights and interests of our employees. We respect the needs of our staff, advocate humane management, create a good working, learning and living environment, and fully reflect the harmony between the development of the company and the development of the staff. Our company actively introduces advanced detection technology and optimizes the product structure as our continuous operation direction.China Panels And Furniture Finishing Application factory website:

Company Description
The size of the H200 Freight Drones is 4270*4270*850mm, the size after folding is 890*890*2090mm, and the flight speed can reach 1-12 meters per second. In order to improve the transportation efficiency and ensure the maximum balance during work, we use an eight-axis design.