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RO Water System factory Part-time Job

8 months ago Public Service Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto 234 views
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RO Water System factory What is Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis? Brackish water consists of more salt than tap water, but has lower TDS(total dissolved solids) than seawater, and usually is underground water. Impurities in such kind of water makes it difficult to use in many applications. Brackish well water (if not purified) has the potential to greatly damage agriculture, houses, and other applications. Brackish RO systems are designed to function under higher pressure and require more energy through larger pressure pumps. The TDS level of brackish water typically varies from 1,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm. The Brakish RO Pure Water System is designed to handle higher pressure than tap water RO. Brackish RO water units are used widely in many regions where clean potable water is unavailable. It is ideal for food and beverage industries, potable drinking water, hospitals, agriculture, hotels & resorts, water bottling & ice making, pharmaceuticals and more. No matter what your water application is, we can provide industry standard or custom designed brackish RO pure water systems. Characteristics 1. Modular design, fully automatic Brakish RO Pure Water System. 2. Pretreatment RO membrane and EDI module can be automatically washed. 3. Different modules will automatically switch to self-circulation mode, which guarantees no dead water exists. 4. Low pressure switch is equipped to protect the high pressure pump form damage in case of water cut. 5. Water quality monitoring system continuously showing out the output water quality to prevent production loss from unqualified water. 6. Pressure monitoring system is equipped to RO membrane to figure out the washing time for RO membrane. 7. Water tank is equipped with liquid level controller. 8. Top brand pump, gauge and RO membrane. Main Components of聽Brakish RO Pure Water System Successful CasesRO Water System factory website:http://www.rxdpurewatersystem.com/pure-water-system/ro-water-system/

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