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Dionysus Full-time Job

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Flame himself has not understood what kind of mood he is in at this time, the formation of the bead of chaos, means that Ji has really been able to control the power of chaos. It is no longer passively affected by chaos. A slight buzzing sound began to appear from Ji's body, and the first thing that appeared was the double-seed gloves of the suBracelets are hidden as soon as they appear, and the next moment is the core of life. On the leaf-shaped pendant, the original flirtatious green gradually turned into a warm and deep green, faintly visible above the green emitting a black and white two brilliance. The clear and deep sound of the dragon is constantly ringing,smartboards for business, surrounding Ji Dong, emitting a pure dragon atmosphere. Just like the fire before, the thick chaotic atmosphere gradually faded, and the Dayan Holy Fire Dragon, which lived in it, also fell into a deep sleep. You know, it's been less than a year since it hatched, and it's about to start evolving. It can be imagined that Ji Dong,interactive touch screens education, the pearl of chaos, emitted a terrible breath in the process of its formation. When the light of the core of life converged, like the previous two magic weapons, it was reintegrated into Ji's body, and two light sounds sounded from Ji's body at the same time, and the unparalleled powerful momentum condensed into the sharpest sword gas from his body in an instant. The invisible sword gas spread directly from the roof, and the fierce sword gas soared into the sky, and it took several breaths for it to disappear. But the fierce breath of terror once again shocked Tianshui City. At the same time, the vacuum of elements in Tianshui City has finally begun to lift. Ji's expression gradually became calm, accompanied by a slight breath, the skin surface constantly showed a white light looming vision, two nihilistic blue, red sword shadow quietly emerged, and then quietly disappeared. Flame's breath is a little short, and the beads of chaos are condensed, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panel board, which also brings about the evolution of dragons and phoenixes, which are closely related to his soul, through the fusion of magic into Ji's body. After several breaths, Ji took a long breath, and the white mist of Pi Lian spurted out of his mouth towel, around his body, and then was withdrawn by the pores. After seven days and seven nights of penance, he finally succeeded. Eyes slowly open. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 282 flame: I'm going to evolve. When Ji's moving eyes opened, the moment. The whole room seemed to have countless bright lights flying in all directions. It turned out to be an electric vision of the void. His eyes were completely transparent white, the essence of the crystal awn huff and puff out, a full meter long, that seems to be able to penetrate all the light full of terrible mental fluctuations, his eyes, also in an instant fell on the flame. Flames. Ji's voice and his eyes became excited almost instantaneously. Of course, he could feel the strange change in his body. In a flash, he had come to the front of the flame, opened his arms, and embraced the truth that had been in his soul from beginning to end. Flame did not dodge, or even step forward, into the arms of Ji Dong, tightly hugged Ji Dong, whispered softly: "Ji Dong, you know, you make me proud.". My Ji Dong is the best. ” Lowering his head and gazing at the eyes of the flames, the emotions in Ji's heart burst out in an instant like the eruption of a river of fire. The four lips intersected again at this moment. This time, there was no panic last time. There was only endless pad crystal clear, like a ruby carved in general, the strong power of the soul rolled back, and the soul with strong love was intertwined, the two blended with each other, infiltrated with each other,smart board touch screen, and Ji suddenly felt the body of the flame trembling. A huge breath of energy that he could not imagine appeared and disappeared, just a little bit, as if he was about to melt completely in the fluctuation of that energy. hsdsmartboard.com

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