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Desulfurization Valve price Contract Job

1 year ago Public Service Battipaglia 264 views
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Desulfurization Valve price Central nuclear desulfurization special hard seal control valve is our patented product (Patent No .: ZL.2016 2 0297505.9) has been widely used in large-scale adhesive Fiber chemical fiber waste gas treatment, CS2, H2S waste gas recovery project, the performance is stable and reliable, by the users alike. 1, the valve body design using three-dimensional finite element analysis of design pressure deformation is good, the valve seat on the valve plate using the overall structure, multilevel seal ring solid Set in the valve body on the special elastic device to achieve the effect of two-way pressure, can prevent loosening in the valve plate phenomenon, effectively p-revent the media is on Seal in the sandwich erosion and fall, improve service life, the seal in the repair or sealing surface damage, you can quickly replace and improve the Maintenance efficiency, saving maintenance costs; 2, the lower end cover and the valve body with bolts, the middle with a flexible graphite gasket or PTFE gasket seal, so that the valve stem can be used as a regulatory role, while Can effectively prevent the outside of the dust into the self-lubricating bearings and plug; 3, the stem of the upper and lower ends with self-lubricating bearings, can effectively reduce the friction torque, and to stem the torque switch small, open and close flexible, the operating sideThen effort; 4, self-lubricating bearing end is equipped with dust-proof gasket, can effectively prevent the dust in the pipeline into the bearing and plug the self-lubricating bearings; 5, the valve stem and the valve plate with interference fit, through the taper pin and valve plate to connect tightly. 6, the upper part of the valve stem packing seal, effectively prevent the media under pressure out of the stem, damage the valve sealing performance, but also to prevent the outside Dust into the self-lubricating bearings, the impact of switch flexibility; 7, the valve with high-performance three eccentric structure, so that the valve plate seat and sealing surface can be quickly separated from the ends almost no friction, reduce the s-witching torque, with The more tightly closed the cover performance, to meet the needs of the operating conditions of zero leakage sealing performance, sealing surface material with a special process, can effectively ImproveSealing surface performance and service life.Desulfurization Valve price website:http://www.zhonghevalves.com/desulfurization-valve/

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