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Deceased System _ 202002 15155549. Full-time Job

1 year ago Security & Safety Dalmine 413 views
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'Poof ~ ' 'Peng' 'Click ~ ' …… Three minutes later, Chu Tianming dragged his tired body back to his bedroom, fortunately these zombies did not break into the bedroom, otherwise his food will be lost! Closing the door, Chu Tianming tore open a bag of chicken wings directly, ate them all in a few big mouthfuls, then tore open a bag of bread again, and ate it up in a few mouthfuls.  Chu Tianming can't help twitching at the corners of his mouth when he thinks of himself like an elephant holding a lot of food in his mouth. My God! I'm not going to be a git,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, am I? PS: The announcement will be updated next week as follows: The weekly recommendation is increased by 500, and one more chapter is added without capping. Even if the weekly recommendation reaches 10,000 all of a sudden, Misha will add more according to the number of 500 recommended tickets in one chapter, and update it at the bottom, two more every day. Please support Misha. Readers who have read Misha's first book, as well as new readers who have come specially for the new book, hope that you will support Misha. This second new book, Misha has poured a lot into it, so the expectations for it are very high. I hope that if you are still satisfied with it, please vote for Misha. Thank you here!!! Chapter 29 the last floor. The amazing appetite made Chu Tianming a little worried, but soon he put it behind him. In the afternoon, Chu Tianming rested in the bedroom for a while and began to think about how to destroy the rest of the zombies. He always had a feeling, as if there was some strong sense of danger downstairs, deeply threatening his life, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Band Heater, which made Chu Tianming give up the plan to kill directly. Chu Tianming believed in his feelings, and since he felt that there was some danger downstairs, he would not rush downstairs to die. But he can't stay up there forever! Not to mention his amazing appetite, the food is not enough for him to eat, even in order to continue to upgrade the level, Chu Tianming will have to destroy the zombies downstairs!  At this time, Chu Tianming's figure suddenly appeared on the stairway above,ceramic bobbin heater core, only to see him holding two Erguotou bottles in his hands, the mouth of the bottle, tightly stuffed with cloth. global-ceramics.com

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Deceased System _ 202002 15155549.