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Conspiracy Full-time Job

10 months ago Training Darfo Boario Terme 277 views
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Ren Yaoqi instantly realized that she had thought that Ren Shijia's judgment was wrong, because the hand holding her was cold and could not help trembling. Ren Yaoqi was surprised: "Aunt" Ren Shijia's eyes immediately turned red.  Ren Shijia's eyes were red again, but he had a cold and fierce spirit that he didn't have on weekdays: "Brother Cen is always sleepy for a while. It's really a kind of poison. Fortunately, this poison is not directly given to the child.". The poisoner is slow to use the medicine in order not to be noticed. It will take at least half a year for it to work. The doctor said that it was good to find it early, as long as the medicine was broken, there would be no effect. My brother Cen almost became a fool. The doctor said that although the poison would not kill him, the growth of the child would be affected. "When Ren Yaoqi heard this, he frowned. The man who did it was really vicious." My aunt doesn't know how to thank you. It was your vigilance that saved Brother Cen. Ren Yaoqi shook his head: "Brother Cen is my younger brother,lamella clarifer, and you are my aunt. There is no need for the whole family to say thank you." Ren Shijia touched Ren Yaoqi's head, and his face was complicated and indignant: "Yes, a family.". But how can some people be so cruel? Brother Cen is so young that he has never harmed anyone. I really hate ah, "she paused, whispered," fortunately Cen brother son is all right,wall penstocks, otherwise I must … Be sure to "" Ren Shijia did not say what she wanted to do after all, but because she did not say it, Ren Yaoqi knew her hatred and determination as a mother. Ren Yaoqi has no doubt that Ren Shijia will find someone desperately, although this woman has always been kind and gentle. At this time Lin Cen began to cry, the nurse subconsciously wanted to report to be avoided by the servant girl, can not help but feel a little gloomy. Ren Shijia immediately went over and took the child by himself. Madam, the young master must be hungry. Whispered the nurse. Ren Shijia nodded, took the child to one side and sat down, then untied his skirt. Ren Yaoqi was stupefied: "Auntie, what are you?" With the help of Chunlan, Ren Shijia unbuttoned her coat: "Niang originally found two nurses for me, but after seeing them today, the doctor found that they could not feed the baby now.". I have sent a letter to my mother, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Rotating sludge scraper, asking her to find a credible one for me, but Cen can't be so hungry.  If she was captured, the person who captured her must have something to do with the Han family, because the Han family recognized her. Comparing the two, she would rather be the first possibility. After all, if Mammy Zhou had gone by herself, her life would not have been in danger. And if it is taken away by the Han family,MBR reactor, it is very likely that it will not come back. Mrs. Luo's disappearance worried Ren Yaoqi, who immediately sent a letter back to Mammy Zhou to look for someone, but not in a big way. It was not until the appointed time was approaching that Ren Yaoqi left the Lin family in a carriage in a hurry. It's just that I was a little absent-minded all the way in the carriage. khnwatertreatment.com

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