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China HP Graphite Electrode manufacturers Full-time Job

10 months ago Public Service Salerno 153 views
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China HP Graphite Electrode manufacturers Product Description As an important aspect of mechanical properties, elastic modulus is an index to measure the elastic deformation ability of materials. It refers to the ratio of stress and strain within the elastic deformation range of materials, and the unit is GPa. The greater the elastic modulus, the greater the stress required to produce a certain elastic deformation. In short, the more brittle the material is, the smaller the elastic modulus, the softer the material is. The high and low elastic modulus plays a comprehensive role in the use of electrodes. The higher the volume density of products, the denser the elastic modulus is, but the worse the thermal vibration resistance of products, the easier it is to produce cracking and block. In the production, often through the formula grain size adjustment, product volume density of high and low grasp a more suitable for the use of elastic modulus value. 聽聽 Product Specification 聽 Applicable Nipple information 聽聽聽 Package Plywood packing, seaworthy packing聽聽 Transport & Export 聽 Service 聽 Graphite electrode packaging 1.Divided packing The electrodes and nipples are packaged separately and shipped 2.Pre-connected packing The nipples have been pre- instalied with electrode one end锛宎nd packaged shipment. The main purpose of packing:To protect the electrode from damaging during the storage and transportation, especially of the screw parts. Note: We can provide packaging according to the requirements of users. Storage of graphite electrode 1.聽Please do not stack the electrodes and nipples directly on the ground.Place them on the wooden or iron frame to prevent the electrodes from being damaged or stuck to the soil.For the temporarily unused electrodes, do not remove the package.Prevent dust and debris drop onto the thread or inside the electrode hole. 2.聽The electrodes should be placed neatly in the warehouse,and the sides of the electrodes should be well-padded to prevent slipping.The stacking height of the electrodes is generally not more than 2meterspreferably no more than four floors. 3.聽Store the electrodes to prevent rain and moisture.The wetted electrode should be dried before use to avoid crackingflake dropping and oxidation consumption during steel making. 4.聽Store the electrode nipples not close to the high temperature to prevent the nipple bolt from melting due to excessive temperature. Transport of graphite electrode 1.聽聽When lifting or dumping the electrodes, be careful to prevent it from slipping and damaging due to the tilt operation of the electrode. 2. 聽In order to ensure the electrodes end face and the electrode thread are in good condition, do not hook the electrodes directly at both ends with the iron hook. 3.When loading and unloading the nipple box. It should be handled gently to prevent the nipple from colliding and causing thread damage. 4. 聽When the electrode is hoisted, the earth's fouched end should be covered with a soft pad to protect the end of the electrode.China HP Graphite Electrode manufacturers website:http://www.hncalgon.com/hp-graphite-electrode/

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