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Chief Medical Officer Full-time Job

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Finally, although Junshan Iron and Steel Group moved away, Bing Hanbai also offended many people because of this matter. Coupled with the failure of the second Chuangwei, Bing Hanbai finally failed to become the number one figure in Junshan Province, and had to choose to go to Nanjiang Province. The failure of the second Chuangwei in Junshan City was not due to the fact that the work itself was not in place, but to the lack of lParty Committee were personally present to send off the delegation of Zhonghua City. Although he was cold-shouldered when he came, the farewell banquet made Zhonghua City earn enough face. With a full harvest, the delegation returned to Sinochem. After half a month of discussion and summary, Zhonghua City officially issued a notice and document on Chuangwei,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, giving clear objectives and instructions to all departments in the city, requiring all departments to take immediate action after receiving the notice and take Chuangwei work as a political task. Junshan City unreservedly handed over the gains and losses of Chuangwei to Zhonghua City this time, so Zhonghua City did it in an orderly manner. In the past three months, the delegation of Zhonghua City has also made a visit to Beiguang City, which has just won the title of Health City, and this time the harvest is far less than that of Junshan City. Because of Chuangwei for many years, with more and more successful cities, we have summed up a set of relatively mature models. The purpose of this model is to get the title of health city smoothly,Agate Stone Price, unlike Junshan City, which is really to change a city. On the plane back to Dongjiang, Zhang Weizheng was somewhat dispirited, and this trip to Beiguang made him feel a little delayed. Other members of the delegation felt the same way. Vice Mayor Liao Zuyuan said nothing. He was the one who proposed to go to Beiguang, and Zeng Yi was the one who proposed to go to Junshan. Now the facts have proved whose proposal is more useful to Sinochem. Zeng Yi, what are you going to do this time? Zhang Weizheng asked Zeng Yi casually. Zeng Yi thought for a moment and said, "I'm going to ask Mayor Zhang for instructions. I'm going to go to the capital. First, I have some personal matters to deal with. Second, I went to the Ministry of Health to visit the leaders of the relevant departments.". Whether Chuangwei work can be successful or not, we still need to work in a two-pronged and multi-handed way. Zhang Wei is deeply convinced that the failure of Chuangwei in Junshan City is largely due to the failure to do a good job in the work of the relevant departments, otherwise it will not be permanently disqualified. After thinking about it, Zhang Weizheng said, "Well, I'll go to the capital with you. If I, Agate Slabs Countertops ,white marble slabs, the mayor, don't come forward, it doesn't seem very good!" Ceng Yi also nodded, to visit the Ministry of Health, Zhang Weizheng is the most appropriate, after all, Zhang Weizheng is the mayor of Zhonghua City, a person to go, but some people feel that Zhonghua City does not pay enough attention to the work of Chuangwei. Ok! I'll go with Mayor Zhang! Zeng Yi saidrs ago, a piece of shrapnel pressure in the body is very important position, that year also almost died because of this, if you can take surgery to take out the shrapnel, Western medicine has been doing this for decades. Do not do this operation, because the risk of removing shrapnel is greater, or even let the situation immediately change to the worst, decades have passed, now Qiu Lao has been old, physical condition is not as good as before,Calacatta Nano Glass, the risk of doing this operation is even greater, a surgery can not be recovered, how dare Western medicine to try easily? "What should I do?" 。 forustone.com

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Chief Medical Officer