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Cargo Drone for sale Part-time Job

8 months ago Banking Barletta 206 views
Job Details

Cargo Drone for sale Overview The size of the H200 Freight Drones is 4270*4270*850mm, the size after folding is 890*890*2090mm, and the flight speed can reach 1-12 meters per second. In order to improve the transportation efficiency and ensure the maximum balance during work, we use an eight-axis design. At the same time, in order to reduce the weight of the drone itself, we choose a 5.0 thick carbon fiber tube. In addition to the light carbon fiber tube, it has the advantages of high density and anti-fall. In addition, the highest grade aviation aluminum 7075 aviation aluminum is used in the folding part of the arm, and the arm is folded in the form of a thread to maximize the strength. For the landing gear, we choose the one-piece structure of aviation aluminum. The combination of design is not only conducive to later maintenance, but also more convenient and quick, because the whole machine can be retracted without any tools. Transport drones not only can be used for ordinary industrial transportation, special terrain transportation, but also have a wide range of uses in government firefighting. It not only can deliver relief materials in emergencies, but also deliver necessary tools during disasters. In terms of configuration, the H200 Freight Drones have a flight platform that uses carbon fiber and aviation aluminum. The battery uses a special intelligent lithium battery for drones, and for the battery charging equipment, we use a special charger for drone batteries. In order to avoid incompatibility problems, we choose an integrated drone dedicated remote control. In addition, for the corresponding tools, we choose the most suitable tools for the most cost-effective drones. We use wooden boxes for shipping packaging. Functionally, the H200 has a manual mode, an intelligent mode, and a fully autonomous mode. In addition, in order to better transport goods, H200 also supports automatic height setting, automatic positioning and automatic return to home functions. In manual mode, you need to control the altitude and route of the flight yourself. In smart mode, the system will control the altitude of the flight by itself, but the route needs to be manually controlled by itself. The most convenient is the fully autonomous mode, we need to set the range of the drone in advance, and the drone can operate autonomously. It also supports switching between different flight modes.Cargo Drone for sale website:http://www.brouases.com/cargo-drone/

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Cargo Drone for sale