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Bulk Disc Axle Full-time Job

9 months ago Training Desio 159 views
Job Details
Product Introduction of Semi Truck Disc Brake Axle
The semi-truck disc brake shaft has fast heat dissipation, open design, high carbon alloy brake disc, anti-cracking performance, fast general heat dissipation, and is not prone to thermal recession during frequent continuous braking. Compared with the traditional drum type, the self-weight of the disc brake shaft is lighter; Greater stability. The braking torque is stable, the disc axle braking response is fast, the braking is more sensitive, and the driving is safer.
The disc brake is easy to maintain, and the friction plate adopts the quick release structure, which is convenient for maintenance, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the vehicle and ensure the long-term vehicle. Compared with the drum axle, the disc axle has a huge advantage in the braking system. The disc brake is more sensitive, the braking force is linear, and the braking force is large. The hydraulic retarder and ABS system add an extra layer of protection to driving safety.
Continuous operation, the disc brake shaft is matched with a dust cover, which effectively prolongs the wear life.Bulk Disc Axle
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