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Beauty is hard to marry Full-time Job

5 months ago Security & Safety Dalmine 188 views
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With an excited smile on her face, Xue Jia said cheerfully, "Sister Gong, Sister Qiao and I have set up a curtain. I want to ask Sister to go and have a look." Xiang Wanyu also came out. "What's there to see in the curtain?" She asked with a smile. Because Mrs.  Sure enough, on the highland beside the river, there is a curtain that is extremely eye-catching, with green bamboo as the pole and pomegranate skirt as the curtain. It is green and bright red, bright in color and light in texture. It is the most elegant scenery along the river. Gong Qing laughed and said,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "It's really wonderful!"! Sister Xue, that's a good idea. Qiao Wanfang chimed in, "Sister Xue has a clever mind and is full of aura." This is obviously a flattering tone, at that time in the Minghua Palace, she and Xue Jia cohabitation room, now it seems that the friendship between the two has been extraordinary. The interior of the drapery is very elegant and comfortable. The ground was covered with a carpet of tribute from the Western Regions, and an embroidered carpet was laid on it. The sapphire blue background was embroidered with peach blossoms in clear water. At first glance, there was a warm breeze and a feeling of spring. The four corners of the curtain were burning with the word "Hui",ceramic welding tape, and the fragrance filled the whole curtain. In the middle of the curtain was a small red sandalwood table, on which fresh fruits, delicate cakes, and tea utensils were placed. Xue Jia knelt down on the embroidered carpet, picked up a purple clay teapot, poured four cups of tea, and placed them one by one in front of Gong Qing, Qiao Wanfang, and Xiang Wanyu.   As soon as Xiang Wanyu heard that it was the legendary Biwuchun, she quickly picked up the cup and took a sip. Sure enough, the tea tasted sweet and refreshing, and was extraordinary. She could not help praising: "Yes, thanks to my sister, steatite c221 ,ceramic bobbin element, this is the first time I have drunk such a wonderful tea." "Smiling, Xue Jia said to Gong Qing," Have a taste, sister. Gong Qing Ying lips gently touched the teacup, and did not taste the taste of tea, but also smiled and praised a few words. On the one hand, she had already drunk Biwuchun to the toffee and was not curious about what it was like. On the other hand, because she had made a move in the Flower Festival, from then on, no matter what she drank outside, she was a little wary, even if it was Xue Jia, who looked innocent and harmless. "Ah Jia," said Qiao Wanfang, "I'll call Miss Xu and Miss Zhang. Wait a moment." "Well, sister, hurry back and we'll wait." Qiao Wanfang got up and went out of the curtain. Because Xiang Wanyu had already made up her mind to marry the Marquis of Dingyuan, she was particularly affectionate to Xue Jia. The two of them talked happily.  And why did Gong Qing call him to meet him in Xue Jia's tent? Shen Zuishi felt strange and asked, "Did Miss Gong send someone to call me just now?" As soon as Gong Qing heard what he said, he felt something was wrong. He immediately said to Shen Zuishi, "Lord Shen, please go first. It's not appropriate to stay here." Although Shen Zuishi did not understand what she meant, he left after hearing what she said. Just as he was about to turn around,ceramic igniter electrodes, suddenly Gong Qing's body shook. Shen Zuishi hurriedly reached out to support her, "Miss Gong, what's wrong with you?" 。 global-ceramics.com

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Beauty is hard to marry