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Aristocrat (Gentleman Yize) Full-time Job

3 months ago Training San Benedetto del Tronto 90 views
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What she knew for sure was that the person who took the picture was a woman-at the very least, the person who asked someone to do it was a woman. As far as she knew, Lilith had always been a strong woman. Such a woman, both men and wss and she couldn't concentrate at all. Not long after, a maid came in and handed her a etter. When I opened it, there was a cross inside. It has her name on it. After a while, the maid sent her a package and a note. Inside the package was a sharp wooden stake with a note that read: slut only. Then someone sent garlic, holy water.. Someone else wrote an anonymous letter saying, "You only deserve 1/4. Please stay away from Your Majesty.". In the end,temperature check kiosk, she locked the door and forbade anyone to enter. The night was so long that Lilith couldn't sleep. It was reasonable to say that such a thing would frighten her, and she felt irritable, but not shocked. The next day Natasha came. I heard about that. Natasha looked at her sympathetically. "Are you all right, Lily?" Lilith nodded. I'm fine. "The Kamali people are good at everything, but they have a big shortcoming-they love the party too much.". The slightest thing can stir up a demonstration. But I think the only thing that's as big as this one is probably the demonstration more than 30 years ago. "Mmm." "Do you remember, you know,smart whiteboard price, your majesty has been smiling, temper is very good, even if the lesson is not the kind of anger.". But he was terrible-I've never seen him so terrible. Although he never mentioned the name of the Countess of Bartoli, I remember very clearly that before people said that he used her brain, said that they had an affair, he simply ignored. It was not until someone called her a whore that he began to suppress the people by force. Lilith suddenly looked up and said, "To tell you the truth.." I can't remember clearly. You can't remember how many years you've lived. All I know is that as soon as the man's voice fell, His Majesty punched him and sent him flying-the people who saw this either shut up or could not open their mouths. "I can't see that Milan is an impulsive person." "But really, who do you think did this?" "I don't know." I think it's Lola. Although there are many people who like your majesty, there are only a few who can harm you like this. Lamia is the most unlikely-she is so impatient that she will come to scold you if she hates you. Lola is the most likely. Because she is the closest to Your Majesty. She is very spoiled, but she pretends to be cute in front of Your Majesty all day long, which makes people hate her. I guess it must be her. "I don't think so." "Who do you think it looks like?" Lilith changed the subject. Then she looked at the picture and suddenly there was a wine glass on the balcony. The glass was filled with red "snakes and bats", face recognition identification ,temperature scanning kiosks, and the walls of the glass were shining in the moonlight. She talked to Natasha about something else, saw the guests off, and asked for a magnifying glass. The rest of the day was spent in such abuse and curses. And the next day, the news seemed to spread more widely, the people were more angry, and there was a tendency to rush to the climax. Milan didn't come back. On the third day, Julie came with a medical kit. She still wore her symbolic red flower on her head and a pair of black-framed glasses on the bridge of her nose. Holding the frame, she said with a straight face, "I heard you haven't eaten since that happened, so nutrition will be out of balance." Lilith leaned against the head of the bed, her lips white and weak. "It doesn't matter …" I'm all right. "Oh, why worry about such a trifle?"? Laura, that woman is mad and jealous of you and your Majesty. "You think it's Laura, too?" "I don't think so, that's it." "The sixth sense is not accurate.". ” "Who else could it be?" "Your bracelet is very nice." Lilith laughed and pointed to her silver bat bracelet, changing the subject again. Chapter 29 This rumor is making a lot of noise. If there were no photos to testify, I'm afraid so many people would not believe it. Everyone's mouth is very ugly, in fact, many men in private say that Lilith actually has such a coquettish and active side, Milan Yanfu is not shallow, the brain ise to her — including Natasha, Julie, Sir Ruthvan, and Terence. If Lamia's words are also called words,Interactive digital signage, then add one more: "Do you think you are really an ostrich because you wear ostrich feathers?" However, none of these people mentioned anything sensitive. At the beginning of the meal, the atmosphere was extremely cold. hsdtouch.com

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Aristocrat (Gentleman Yize)